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January 10, 2020

What makes Generation Bio unique? Hear from our team.


Town Hall gathering

At Generation Bio, we believe that culture is shaped by everyone in our community — each employee using their unique skills, experiences and personality to help us achieve our collective mission. We view each new employee as bringing their own superpower to the team, enabling us to do something we couldn’t do before or see something from a new perspective. Because we value this emergent culture so highly, we are always taking steps to foster an environment where people can thrive and succeed, and feel comfortable being themselves.

From organizing our open-air seating into planful neighborhoods of cross-sectional employees, to gathering together for weekly, company-wide town halls, to our Friday morning tradition of disco dance parties, we’ve created a truly unique community and culture at Generation Bio that strikes a balance between hard work and fun. Check out the video below to hear from our employees about our culture — and consider joining our generation!

Take a seat at the table.

We are always looking for those who are ready to share their vision, talent, and tenacity—who believe in our mission and themselves.

Imagine a world without genetic disease.

What do you see? More health? Fewer doctor appointments? More bike riding? More peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? More life?
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